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Anti-Ammachi Guruphiliac

Information About The Guruphiliac Blog

Jody Radzik is the webmaster for the guruphiliac blog (a blog that has published numerous article trashing & bashing Amma and whose articles are praised and published by the “Cult Of The Hugging Saint” website). About the purpose of the Guruphiliac blog, Jody Radzik said:
While we understand that gurus are held sacred by many, they are also public figures deserving of scrutiny. Our primary aim is to inject a little humor into what can be an excessively self-righteous enterprise, and to illustrate the primary truth that no matter how divine their devotees believe them to be, gurus poop on the same pot we do...Any self-respecting guru would understand this and make every effort to show his students that s/he poops on the same pot as they do...This site is dedicated to the truth. The truth that gurus are merely plain, old ordinary people just like us. They complain like us, shit on the toilet like us and most imagine they have special powers, just like a lot of the least mentally stable among us.

Jody Radzik also believes that followers essentially project “enlightenment”, “powers”, “holiness”, “purity”, etc. onto their “Gurus”, “Religious Figures” and/or “Religious Objects”. Fair enough.

Information About Jody Radzik, The Guruphiliac Webmaster

Jody Radzik is not an easy person to understand. One might easily assume that Jody Radzik is a free-thinker, a skeptic, a rationalist, a disillusioned ex-follower, a grumpy guy or a mixture of all of the above. However, the truth about Jody is rather surprising and is going to be disillusioning to Jody’s coterie of guruphiliac-ites. Jody is the webmaster to Atman.net, which provides links to an online book by Bruce Morgan, an article by Jeffrey J. Kripal about Kali’s Child, the NonDualLogicality Blog (where you can listen to Jody garble on non-duality) and a site dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Kalika. Jody believes in tantric Shaktism and Advaita Vedanta (although Jody’s interpretation of these two are non-orthodox). Jody is also a devotee of the Hindu Goddess Kali Ma, whose picture he links to from his guruphiliac site. Whenever Jody refers to “Ma”, he is actually referring to Kali Ma. Jody is openly into Raves and psychedelic drugs (more on this later). After reading many of Jody Radzik’s postings on Google Groups (using the name “Jodyrrr”), it is abundantly clear that he has a compulsive need to be “right” and to trash and bash anyone who dissents with him: Reference. Jody often accuses others of “projecting” and that they have “uninformed opinions”. He often rants about realization (claiming he is realized), but then will break down into shrieking hissy fits, labelling (or is it “projecting”?) others as being “stupid and crass”! Apparently, those who have the greatest of self-realization, like Jody, tend to act just like ordinary human beings, with the same reactions and emotional outbursts. Jody endlessly preaches on “self-realization”, just as other Gurus do. Jody can rightly be called an “Anti-Guru Guru-Wannabee”. As if this isn’t enough, Jody also professes to having a Guru whose name he keeps secret (more on this later)!

Guruphiliac Blog Webmaster Claims Self-Realization:

On Google Groups (using the name “Jodyrrr”) Jody Radzik (the Gurphiliac Blog webmaster) claimed that he is self-realized, joining the ranks of Saints, Siddhas, Sages and Mahatmas. Jody said:
Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: “But the lesson of the evening for me was that people who call themselves spiritual will never believe that I’m realized. I’m just way too out there for them. Ma has made me the counter example to all they’ve come to expect about spirituality and about realized folk.” (Reference)

After reading through Jody Radzik’s posts on Google Groups (under his name “Jodyrrr”), it became apparent to me that he has a compulsive need to be “right”. Jody trashed and bashed anyone who dissented with him and accused them of “projecting” and having “uninformed opinions”. Although Jody ranted about realization (claiming he is self-realized), he broke down into shrieking hissy fits, labeling (or is it “projecting”) others as being “stupid and crass”. Sri Sri Jodyrrr (the self-professed Saint and Mahatma) exhibited (and continues to exhibit) the behaviors of ordinary, over-emotional and non-realized humans. As if this is not embarrassing enough, Jody Radzik (the guru-basher-extraordinaire) admitted that he has a Guru whose name he keeps secret (in fear that others will “criminally libel” his Guru, as he does with other’s Gurus).

Believe It Or Not: Jody Radzik Has A Guru:

Some very amusing excerpts from a conversation between Jody Radzik and Greg Goode:
Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: “The difference between them and myself is that I’ve always lived in and enjoyed the world, and that Mother has made it exceedingly clear to me that She will bestow realization on whomever She wants, despite their disposition as ascetic wannabes. Unfortunately, no one believes I know what I’m talking about, except my guru. In the interest of maintaining the status quo, he doesn’t enter the debate, even though he confirms my assertions as I’m making them. This isn’t to say that I don’t get along with them. I do for the most part. However, I’ve found myself in raging debates, the whole bunch of them vs. me. I find this situation quite enjoyable, but it seems to shatter their quaint ideas about what the center exists for, and so in deference to my guru I usually keep a lid on it…I’ve been blessed to have taken initiation from a monk of the Ramakrishna Order, and I’m quite convinced he’s a bona-fide, yet successfully hidden saint.” (Reference)

Apparently, Jody Radzik converses with Mother Kali on a regular basis and hears her voice in his head. Sounds rather spooky, if you ask me. Imagine that, the Supreme Goddess of the Universe conversing with you? Some Gurus (and schizophrenics) claim they do the same thing. Jody also said he has a Guru (*gasp*) and that he took initiation from a monk of the Ramakrishna Order that he regarded as a saint (*another gasp*). I guess Jody never witnessed this monk pooping.

Jody Radzik has a Guru and sees nothing wrong with it. When it comes to others and their Gurus, however, Jody Radzik subjects them to ridicule, defamation, bitter sarcasm and bold-faced lies on his Guruphiliac Blog and Guruphiliac Yahoo Group. In Jody Radzik’s illumined world, the realized are indistinguishable from liars, deceivers and potty-mouthed extremists. Weird? Eh?
Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: “My guru basically left me to my own devices with the mantra he gave. His advice is always the same. Pay your bills. Don’t party too much. Restrain yourself some. Meditate. Pray to the Lord and come every Sunday. He offers his time generously but keeps the personal relationship to a minimum. He always gives the same, somewhat boring lectures along with his gentle advice and admonishments. I’m convinced he’s a great bhakta saint, but to many he’s just a cute little village man from West Bengal presently living in California. His satsang is small because he doesn’t allow projection, and he doesn’t perform psychotherapy. That filters out everyone except the sincere who already have or develop a liking for the teachings of Ramakrishna and his disciples. He leaves the therapy to the therapists while he gently points you in the direction of understanding. In my book that makes him an ideal guru.” (Reference)

Guruphiliac Jody Radzik: “My guru, a Ramakrishna Math swami, is about the most low-key and unassuming person I’ve ever met. His teaching is the same teaching his guru gave, which is the same teaching Ramakrishna and Vivekananda gave. I have many problems with some aspects of this teaching, and I expressed my opinions about them often in the context of my weekly discussions with him and his satsang. Not once, ever, did he have any problem with it at all. I’ve found some agreement with a few other members of the group, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t perturb my guru in any way at all.” (Reference)

Jody Radzik’s comments amount to nothing more than face-saving deceit and self-serving hypocrisy. Jody seems to live in an egocentric universe where his experiences, opinions and beliefs are tantamount and superior to everyone else’s. What about other’s convictions about the genuineness of their experiences with their own chosen Guru? What about other’s beliefs and ideas about an “ideal guru”? Apparently, no one else’s opinions or experiences matter except Jody Radzik’s.

Jody thinks he is perfectly entitled to criminally libel other’s Gurus (under the direction of voices he hears in head, which he attributes to Kali Ma), all the while ferventy protecting his own chosen Guru, sniveling that others are “criminally libeling my guru” (whom appears to be Swami Chetanananda from the Kali Mandir). Jody is essentially trying to argue that his Guru is better than all other Gurus. Consequently, all of Jody’s opinions, arguments and judgments about Gurus are deflated, irrelevant, superficial and just plain weird.

Jody Radzik’s Drug-Induced Experience Of Kali Ma:

Douglas Rushkoff: “Jody Radzik, for example, believes he once encountered the spirit of Kali directly. To him, there was nothing dark about it, he tells me as he makes a graffiti picture of the goddess onto a billboard at a construction site in downtown Oakland: ‘I can positively describe that experience as making love with God. I know that’s what it was. Nobody can tell me different. I will argue until the day I die that that’s what my experience was. It was a wonderful experience and it’s led me to greater opening. Every now and then I do Ecstasy again because it brings me back to that incredible experience that I can’t even begin to describe. It’s there. It’s there that I learned how to make love with God. It’s how I offered myself as a sex slave to God, through MDMA, and it’s brought me to really a wonderful experience of life.’ Several TOPYs who are walking by stop to watch Radzik paint. ‘Whoah!’ exclaims one girl. They stare in astonishment. ‘Better be careful, man!’ warns the largest of the guys, whose nose has at least three rings in it. ‘Kali is dangerous. She’ll get you really hard. She’s the Destroyer.’ The TOPYs shake their heads and walk on in horror and disdain. Radzik looks up from his work and shouts after them with a wide smile: ‘Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!’ (Reference)

When devotees attribute extraordinary experiences or visions to their Gurus (without the aid of drugs), it’s all “projection” according to Jody Radzik. But when Jody Radzik had a drug-induced experience (and re-induced the experience by using illegal psychedelic drugs), he claimed his sex-slave hallucinations were real experiences. This is the type of Anti-Guru weirdo who attempts to invalidate others spiritual experiences.

Jody’s Gospel of “Who” & Blurbs About “Brahman”

It is perplexing, amusing and highly entertaining to note that the Guru-Bashing addict, Jody Radzik, actually talks and preaches exactly like Gurus do! No kidding! Let us look at Jody’s cultish introduction of the concept of “who”. What? Yes, the concept of “who”. Haven’t you heard of it before? Before you start sounding like a Ferruginous Pygmy Owl, let us allow Jody to explain (taken from his nonduallogicality archive, emphasis on “who” added: References: 01 - 02):
Jody Radzik: “It occurred to me that thinking of who as a quantity is a measure of realization’s effect on a life.

Before awakening, we are our who exclusively. When we decide to embark on a spiritual journey to find ourselves, we start out by adding to this who, sometimes greatly adding to it, with the materials we come across while being spiritual people.

As far as I can tell, much of spirituality seems to only add to who levels. Sure, it may turn you into a bliss bunny, and that’s certainly good consolation for some. But being a bliss bunny is only a different color of who. Many, many people get stuck right here. If they can feel bliss around their guru, they think they’re getting “it”. These folk spend their lives chasing experience, never really seeing the truth that lay just beyond, in plain view, the whole time they were looking for it.

There was just too much spiritual who in the way.

In order to reduce your who, you’ve got to turn your mind back on itself, and attempt to learn as much about your process as possible, and do so fearlessly. You’ve got to become an eater of who, processing the landscape of emotional complexes through your awareness of them. You’ve got to dive into your most fearsome nightmares. That is the only way to truly know yourself and get access to your deepest who.

And perhaps after a few decades or so, you'll suddenly see that you are not this who at all. You'll understand in a very clear and very real way, that you are ‘that’.

But, that doesn’t suddenly drain the who out of the mind. The who which was still there sticks around, and changes gradually in the awareness of ‘that’. This is what I mean about levels of who indicating the effect that realization has had on a life.

So start eating your who, slowly at first. A therapist can be really helpful here, but you should probably make an effort to find a good one. I'd recommend one trained at a transpersonal psych college. That’s no guarantee of quality, but at least they'll be able to get their heads around your spiritual trip.”

Say what? Who is Jody trying to fool with this Guru Talk? Not only did the above comments make no sense, Jody is talking about realization as if he is realized! Oh yeah, Jody claimed he is realized! After eating through all his “who”, the end result is Jody’s disgust that Guru’s poo! Now that sounds like a realization worth striving for.
Jody Radzik: “Brahman is indivisible, and Atman is Brahman. Atman is not separated from Brahman to become a “drop,” it is the whole Brahman known to an individual life.

There was never any separation. There is only apparent separation. It’s a mirage, not a difference in location.

Seeing ourselves as these “drops” puts a layer of symbolic thinking between personal and impersonal awareness, keeping personal from opening up to see what’s always been present, the impersonal truth.

Breaking the bonds and opening awareness would be the trick. I guess that’s what spiritual practice is about. However, even with those bonds we think need breaking, we are always right here, in front of our noses, as Brahman.”

The BIG questions are: Is Jody self-realized? Is he enlightened? Why would Jody speak about Brahman if he has not realized Brahman? Why would Jody tell us that “breaking the bonds and opening awareness” is “the trick”, if he has not broke the bonds and opened his awareness? Essentially, Jody is setting himself up as some sort of Guru figure who lays claim to special wisdom about Brahman, Realization, the Atman and the Truth (claims that Gurus happen to make, by the way). Perhaps the reason why Jody makes special claims about realization is because he claims he is realized: Reference. Jody said, “But the lesson of the evening for me was that people who call themselves spiritual will never believe that I'm realized. I'm just way too out there for them. Ma has made me the counter example to all they’ve come to expect about spirituality and about realized folk.”

It is laughable when “non-dualists” attempt to express their non-dual “truths” by utilizing the vehicle of duality. As soon as non-duality is preached, five main things blossom into existence: 1) The speaker; 2) The spoken, 3) The means by which the spoke is spoken; 4) That to which the spoke is spoken and 5) The means by which the spoken is heard, understood, assimiliated, etc. As soon as Jody opens his mouth to talk about non-duality, he is affirming and preaching duality by utilizing the vehicle of duality. To whom exactly is the explanation of “oneness” for, if there is only the “self” and none other? Why is it that duality is easily perceived and validated in our everyday life, yet non-duality is unseen, difficult to grasp and is mummified in spiritual terms and philosophy? One would think that an easily validated “truth” is more meritorious than one not so easily validated. In Advaita Vedanta, the opposite holds true. I'm sure Jody has a good explanation for those who are gullible (some would say “brainwashed”) enough to believe him. Maybe I fail to understand these things because I haven’t eaten enough of my “who”? Then again, maybe non-dualists are “projecting” (Jody’s term) their inner emptiness, inner void, self-negation and denial onto the Universe? There’s a thought!

There is another perfectly good reason why we shouldn’t believe Jody. He poops! No matter how deep his insights, how vast his realizations, how profound his experiences, Jody (like other Gurus) is no better than anyone else because he poops in the pot just like everyone else! Jody should change his Gospel of “Who” to the Gospel of “Poo”. The only problem with Jody’s blurbs about “truth” the spiritual path and nonduality is that he poops. He is unbelievable for this reason alone. Enough said! After all, this is the logic that Jody generally uses against Gurus.

The Two-Sides Of Projection

Jody is no dummy. He knows how to weave thoughts and concepts that superficially appeal to those who are rational and logical. Jody rightly points out that followers (devotees) essentially project “enlightenment”, “powers”, “holiness”, “purity”, etc. onto their “Gurus”, “Religious Figures” and/or “Religious Objects”. I agree. However, I also believe that non-followers (ex/non-devotees) essentially project their negativity, hate, anger, fear, un-holiness, impurity, etc. onto “Gurus”, “Religious Figures” and/or “Religious Objects”. That’s right, this is a two way street. Jody bashes positive projections from followers but doesn’t say one word about his negative projections or the negative projections from non-followers!

Kali Ma & Solving The Pooping Issue

Jody has a big problem with pooping Gurus. The thought that Guru’s poop disgusts Jody so much he cannot fathom being devoted or eulogizing anyone that poops. Enter Kali Ma! Stone idols and paper pictures of Kali Ma don’t poop. Pooping problem solved!

Jody Radzik Dumps Nirvana For Ecstasy & Glorifies Drugs

Reference: E-volution
“You touch the darkness--the feminine, the gross, whatever you see as dark,'' Jody Radzik explains to Diana as they hand out flyers in the street for a new house club. “When you’re on Ecstasy, the drug forces you to become who you really are. You don’t get any positive experience from a drug like cocaine; it’s a lie. But with Ecstasy, it can have a positive effect on the rest of your life!''

Jody and Diana are on their way to a club called Osmosis, a house event which occurs every Thursday night at DV8, a downtown San Francisco venue, for which Radzik serves as promotional director. Promoting house, though, is almost like promoting Ecstasy. The drug and subculture have defined and fostered each other. Osmosis is proud of the fact that it mixes gay, straight, glam, and house culture, and Radzik--a gamine, extremely young thirty-year-old with a modified Hamlet haircut and a mile-a-minute mouth--credits E with their success.

“There’s a sexual element to house. E is an aphrodisiac and promiscuity is big. In everyday life men usually repress their ‘anima.’ Ecstasy forces you to experience what’s really going on inside.” Diana (who runs her own house club down the block) is amused by Jody’s inclination to talk about taboo subjects. Jody goes on proudly, exuberantly, and loud enough for everyone else in the street to hear. Being publicly outrageous is a valued personality trait in E culture adapted from Kesey’s Merry Pranksters.

“E has a threshold. It puts you in that aahh experience, and you stay there. It might get more intense with the number of hits you take, but it’s not like acid, which, with the more hits you take, the farther you’re walking from consensus culture. With E, your ability to operate within the confines of culture remain. You can take a lot of E and still know that that’s a red light, or that there’s a cop here and you don’t want to fuck up too much. On acid, you can be completely out of your head, and walking in a completely different reality.”

“So E is not simply watered-down LSD. While acid was a ‘test’, Ecstasy is a ‘becoming’. Acid involved a heroic journey, while E is an extended moment. The traditional bell curve of the acid trip and its sometimes brutal examination and stripping of ego is replaced with a similar vision but without the paranoia and catharsis. By presenting insight as a moment of timelessness, E allows for a much more cyberian set of conclusions than the more traditional, visionquest psychedelics.”

“Rather than squashing personal taste and creating legions of Birkenstock clones, E tends to stimulate the user’s own inner nature. Hidden aspects of one’s personality--be it homosexuality, transvestitism, or just love and creativity--demand free expression. All this is allowed to happen, right away, in the E-nvironment of the house club. Reintegration on E is unnecessary because the E-xperience itself has an immediately social context. If anything, the E trip is more socially integrated than baseline reality. E turns a room of normal, paranoid nightclubbers into a teaming mass of ecstatic Global Villagers.”

To Radzik, the club lights, music, and Ecstasy are inseparable elements of a designer ritual, just like the campfire, drumbeats, and peace pipe of a Native American tribal dance. Arriving at the club in time for the sound check, Jody and Diana dance a while under the work lights. Jody’s diatribe continues as he demonstrates the new hip-hop steps he picked up in Los Angeles last week.

“The Ecstasy comes through the house music. The different polyrhythmic elements and the bass ... this is current North American shamanism. It’s technoshamanism. E has a lot to do with it. It really does. I get a little nervous but I’ve got to tell the truth about things. But the system is probably going to react against the E element.''

Diana cuts in: “And then they'll just shut you down like they closed our party last week.” She takes a cigarette from behind her ear and lights it. Jody still dances while Diana stands and smokes. Neither he nor the E culture will be taken down that easily. “E is an enzyme that’s splicing the system. E is like a cultural neurotransmitter that’s creating synaptic connections between different people. We’re all cells in the organism. E is helping us to link up and form more dendrites. And our culture is finally starting to acknowledge the ability of an individual to create his own reality. What you end up with, what we all have in common, is common human sense.''

The E-inspired philosophy borrows heavily from the scientific and mathematics theories of the past couple of decades. House kids talk about fractals, chaos, and morphogenetic fields in the same sentence as Deee-Lite’s latest CD. Jody’s cultural neurotransmitter'' image refers back to James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis, which is the now well-supported notion that planet Earth is itself a giant, biological organism. The planet is thought to maintain conditions for sustaining life through a complex series of feedbacks and iterations. A population of ocean microorganisms, for example, may regulate the weather by controlling how much moisture is released into the atmosphere. The more feedback loops Gaia has (in the form of living plants and animals), the more precisely “she” can maintain the ecosystem. Evolution is seen more as a groping toward than a random series of natural selections. Gaia is becoming conscious. Radzik and others have inferred that human beings serve as Gaia’s brain cells. Each human being is an individual neuron, but unaware of his connection to the global organism as a whole. Evolution, then, depends on humanity’s ability to link up to one another and become a global consciousness.

These revelations all occur to house kids like Jody under the influence of E. This is why they call the drug a “cultural enzyme” The Ecstasy helps them see how they’re all connected. They accept themselves and one another at face value, delighted to make their acquaintance. Everyone exposed to E instantly links up to the Gaian neural net. As more people become connected, more feedback and iteration can occur, and the Gaian mind can become more fully conscious. Jody and Diana both believe that house culture and the Gaian mindset literally “infect” newcomers to the club like a virus. As Osmosis opens, Jody watches a crowd of uninitiated clubbers step out onto the dance floor, who, despite their extremely “straight” dress, are having a pretty Ex-uberant time.

“This looks like a group of people that might be experimenting with Ecstasy for the first time. They’re going to remember this night for the rest of their lives. This is going to change them. They are going to be better people now. They’re infected. It’s like an information virus. They take it with them into their lives. Look at them. They’re dancing with each other as a group. Not so much with their own partners. They’re all smiling. They are going to change as a result of their participation in house. Their worldview is going to change.”

Indeed, the growing crowd does seem uncharacteristically gleeful for a Thursday-night dance club. Gone are the pickup lines, drunken businessmen, cokeheads, and cokewhores. The purposeful social machinations--getting laid, scoring drugs, or gaining status--seem to be overrun by the sheer drive toward bliss. Boys don’t need to dance with their dates because there’s no need for possessiveness or control. Everyone feels secure--even secure enough to dance without a partner in a group of strangers.

Whether that carries into their daily life is another story. Certainly, a number of new “cyberian converts” are made each evening. But the conversions are made passively, as the name of the club implies, through Osmosis. “Unlike acid, which forces users to find ways to integrate their vision into working society, E leads them to believe that integration occurs in the same moment as the bliss. The transformation is a natural byproduct--a side effect of the cultural virus.
As club regulars arrive, they wink knowingly at one another.”
Jody winks and nods at few, who gesture back coyly. The only information communicated, really, is “I am, are you?” The winkers are not so much the “in” crowd as the fraternity of the converted. They’re all part of what one T-shirt calls “The E Conspiracy”. These are the carriers of the cultural virus. No need to say anything at all. The E and the music will take care of everything (wink, wink).

“The sixties went awry because they wanted a sweeping cultural change to go on overtly,” explains Radzik, nodding to two girls he’s sure he has seen before. They wink back. “And that didn’t happen. What’s different about house is that no one’s trying to ‘spread the message.’ It’s more like, we’re into it because we love it, but we’re not out to convert people. ‘Groove is in the heart’ [a Deee-Lite lyric]. We just want to expose people to it. People decide that they’re into it because they respond to it on a heart level. I think the bullshit’s going to come apart of its own accord.”

“So is this a dance floor filled with socially aware, fully realized designer beings? Certainly not. It’s a dance floor filled with smart kids, sexy kids, not-so smart kids, and not-so sexy kids, but they do seem to share an understanding, in the body, of the timeless quality of bliss and how to achieve it through a combination of dance and E. Even the music, playing at precisely 120 beats per minute, the rate of the fetal heartbeat, draws one into a sense of timeless connection to the greater womb--Gaia. The lyrics all emphasize the sound ‘eee.’ ‘Evereeebodeee’s freee,’ drones one vocal, in pleeesing gleeeful breeezes, winding their way onto the extreeemely wide smiles of dancing boys and girls. It’s just the E! Likewise, the way in which E infiltrates society is much less time-based and confrontational than was the case with acid. E infiltrates through the experience of bliss, so there’s nothing to say or do about it. The meta agenda here is to create a society with no agenda.”

As Jody screams over the din of the house music, “Fuck the agendas. We just have to manifest our culture. You have to trust your heart. That’s what Jesus really said. And that’s what E does. It shows people they have their own common sense. They realize, I don’t need this!”

Bruce Eisner shows up at about midnight, exploring the house scene and its relationship to Ecstasy for the second edition of his book Ecstasy: The MDMA Story. A veteran of the sixties and just a bit too old to fit in with this crowd, he almost sighs as he explains to E-nthusiastic clubbers how E’s preservation of social skills and ego make it a much better social transformer than the psychedelics of his day.

“In the sixties, we were sure we were going to have this revolution that would change everything overnight. And it never came. We got the seventies instead.” A few girls laugh. They were born in the seventies. Bruce smiles slowly. He’s got a dozen stoned kids hanging on his every word, when in fact he’s trying to understand them.

“With E, you don’t get so far out, like on acid, where you lose touch with the physical world. It allows you an easier time to bring the insights back in. Huxley talked a lot about the importance of integrating the mystical experience with the worldly experience. He had that one trip where he decided, ‘The clear light is an ice cube. What’s important is love and work in the world.’ And love and work in the world is what Ecstasy shows you. It’s a model for enlightenment, and the challenge is bringing that into the real world.”

So maybe revolution has become evolution as house culture awakens to the fact that there is method behind Gaia'a madness, and that Darwin wasn’t completely right. Life naturally evolves toward greater self-awareness, and we don’t need to push it anywhere. The universe is not a cold sea of indifference but the warm, living waters of an oversoul composed of waves of love--Gaia’s morphogenetic fields. The mock self-assuredness of the “me” generation gives way to the inner wink-wink-say-no-more knowing of the E generation, as the sixties bell curve finally touches down, and ego fully reintegrates into a postpsychedelic culture.

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    Guruphliac Jody Radzik: “Fortunately, we have the shelter of the Great Saints and Sages to take refuge with. When we come to be blessed with sincere aspiration their grace will manifest in a myriad of ways, assuring us an appropriate course of action in our spiritual practice no matter what role we are playing in the world.”

    I didn’t know there were Great Saints and Sages who didn’t poop. Is it possible that Jody changed his views? Don’t you just hate when people flip-flop, willy-nilly, from one extreme to the other?

  • Click Here to read an amusing thread where Radzik, Jody goes all out of his way to defend his systematic bashing of Gurus, all the while praising and defending his belief in the Hindu Goddess, Kali Ma. Jody doesn’t realize that he is projecting power, holiness and divinity onto his concept of Kali Ma (ironically, a behavior he bashes with devotees of Gurus). Jody acts exactly like devotees, constantly referring to “Ma” and whatever she wills for him. Jody acts (or tries to act) like a realized person who knows “The Truth”. The big question is: Are you willing to let your son or daughter get addicted to Ecstasy and Psychedelics to find “The Truth” that Jody is pushing through drug-induced hallucinations?

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, the guruphiliac blog bashes Gurus because they poop and their followers project stuff on them. Period. That’s really what this blog is all about. Jody also attempts to inject some humor into his posts (which he does with some success) but at the cost of truth (Jody mixes truths with untruths; or more bluntly, truths with bold-faced lies). Jody is doing all this stuff because he believes he is realized (Reference) and is being guided by the Spirit of the Hindu Goddess Kali Ma! Those who dissent with Jody are usually retaliated against using five primary tactics:
  1. Name-calling.

  2. Accusing the other person of “projecting” (although Jody doesn’t “project” at all).

  3. Bringing up the “E” word (“ego”, not “ecstasy”).

  4. Publicly divulging other’s emails and then encouraging his entourage of anonymous and potty-mouthed “followers” to e-mail them with complaints.

  5. Accusing others of being funded or being “paid shills” (let’s not bring up the issue of who supplied him with club drugs, funded his purchase of club drugs and is funding his Anti-Guru campaign : Ouch). I also surmise, in private, Jody might also accuse others of not eating enough of their “who”.

Hopefully, now that you understand Jody Radzik and his guruphiliac blog better, enjoy, laugh and take everything you read with a grain of salt. It doesn’t get much weirder than this folks!

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(Content duplicated from saisathyasai.com with permission.)