Saturday, June 27, 2009

COTHSEE On The Attack

COTHSEE On The Attack

A person using the name “COTHSEE” (who appears to be Michelle Walsh in disguise) is widely attacking this blog through various venues on the internet.

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Followers Of Amma “The Hugging Saint” Launch Website To Attack Critics And Ex-Devotees
By COTHSEE United States of America

June 26, 2009 Those connected to the religious group which follows Amma, also known as "the hugging saint", recently launched a website attacking her critics and ex-devotees.


( June 26, 2009 -- The new website compiles information on the businesses, websites, and personal lives of critics and ex-devotees. The information has been painstakingly collected from the Internet and compiled on the website in an attempt to harass and intimidate those who may choose to leave the group or voice a contrary opinion.

The website, ironically called “Cult Of The Hugging Exposed” appears to be run by representatives or devotees of the hugging saint, also known as Amma or Mata Amritanandamayi. The site is made up of character assassinations on those who have been critical of Ammachi as well as those who have left the group. Countless hours have gone into information gathering in order to attack the character of those who have been outspoken critics of Amma or her organization. The website includes poetry written by ex-devotees, articles written by critics, links to their businesses, and annotated lists of irrelevant personal information intended purely to harass critics and ex-devotees of the hugging saint.

“It’s chilling.” said an ex-devotee who is one of the websites targets, “I left the group many years ago and now they are posting photos of me when I was young and defunct websites that I ran over ten years ago as well as poetry I wrote when I was part of the group. I have been a victim of Internet stalking recently, and I feel like I am living it all over again. The amount of time this group has put into compiling information on me is very frightening. This website illustrates why so many are afraid to leave, because this is what will happen to them.”


For more information:
P.O. Box 74650

The “ex-devotee” who complained about being “stalked” is Michelle Walsh. Michelle Walsh lied when she claimed that her defunct psychic websites were run “over ten years ago”. In fact, Michelle’s Psychic Perceptions website was online until June 2003 and she was soliciting her Psychic Forecast website on on May 30th 2005 and as late as August 5th 2006. Michelle Walsh was also praising Amma until March 24th 2007 and April 3rd 2007. This is 2-3 years ago, not “over ten years ago” or “many years ago” as falsely claimed by Michelle Walsh (click on picture to enlarge):

Some interesting facts:

Is it a coincidence that at the very same internet sites where Michelle Walsh was widely solicited as “Kalliope Amorphous” happen to be the very same internet sites where COTHSEE is attacking this blog?

Isn’t it strange how critics constantly rant and rave about their “freedom of speech” when it comes to their former gurus yet whine and moan when others exercise their “freedom of speech” about critics?

This article will be updated according to new developments.

Update: June 27th 2009:
Due to the extensive nature of COTHSEE’s attacks against Joe Moreno (who was not the original creator of this blog), Moreno has decided to archive this blog on his domain to defend himself from COTHSEE’s attacks.

Update: June 29th 2009:
It has come to our attention that some of the content from this blog is being duplicated on various websites against “Meena’s Magickals” and “MandrakeGhost”. The authors of this blog are in no way associated with those attacks and have not given permission to anyone to duplicate material from this blog against “Meena’s Magickals” and “MandrakeGhost”.

Update: July 7th 2009:
New blog about “COTHSEE”: MandrakeGhost / Michelle Walsh Exposed