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Michelle Walsh Ref: Past Praise Of Amma

Michelle Walsh Ref: Past Praise Of Amma

This article about Michelle Walsh aka “Ananthasree” (an ex-devotee of Amma and webmaster for the former “Cult Of The Hugging Saint” website) will be used as a reference in a larger article being written about her.

Although the exact cause of Michelle Walsh’s defection from Mata Amritanandamayi is unknown, what is known is that she was an ardent, vocal and passionate devotee of Amma until mid 2007.

As a matter of fact, in a former Live Journal post entitled, “Getting a bastards name off your neck and other stories”, Michelle Walsh said:
“In fabu-fabu-fabulous news, I finally got the exes name off of my neck and replaced it with a name that will always mean something to me...‘Ammachi’, my spiritual teacher. I was very impressed with the cover-up job my artist pulled off. In fact, I like it better than the original tattoo because it is much more aesthetically pleasing and I really like the lettering in the name. What do you think? It matches much better with my sleeve tattoo, and my new partner is overjoyed not to have to look at that freaks name anymore.”

Michelle Walsh’s (aka “Ananthasree”) other praises of Amma on the internet (all referenced links were available and working at the time of publication):
Om Namah Shivayah,

Just wanted to share my joy over finding a scent that smells EXACTLY like Amma’s darshan. I had tried the “amma’s rose” oil and all of the others sold through the bookstore, and while I love them...they never matched that intoxicating scent that we associate with Mother. In fact, I doubted anything existed that could possibly be a match to it.

I have found an oil that is at least a 80% match to of all places...a new dollar store that just opened up down the street from me. They have a rack of assorted aroma oils (for use on aroma rings or burners) and the scent is by Natura Aromatique and is called “China Rain”. They also make incense sticks in the same fragrance. Needless to say, I stocked up

We had stopped in the store to pick up plastic bags and it turned into a scene of “I can’t believe this, this is amazing, how can this be?” It really is that close of a match. I was catapulted right back into Mothers arms as soon as I took the cap off. For only a dollar! It is just has a little bit of a sweeter note than what Amma wears, but it is amazingly close enough to flash you right back to the darshan hall.

The companies website is but it seems like most of the pages are out of service.

How about this? The first three people to email me your address. I will send a bottle to you and some incense sticks!

Jai Ma!

Ananthasree (Post On

Namah Shivayah,

I agree that a healthy dose of caution is important. Through Amma’s grace, I have been giving readings as my full time career since I was 16 years old. I was born clairaudient and clairvoyant, and this runs back three generations on my Mother’s side of the family. Honestly, it is a blessing and a curse. I am thankful that I have been able to help people through my ability,and make a living doing it, but it is also not easy is very taxing emotionally and often physically. Often I will read for 6 months and then take 6 months off (as I am sort of doing now!)

I have done countless lectures on the nature of psychic fraud, because I can’t tell you the number of clients I have who have such horror stories about getting taken for a ride by “psychics”. I talk about some of this on my website at I consider myself an ethical psychic, so this is an issue that I am passionate about. Sweta mentioned I do a lot of work in aiding in the search for missing children and animals. This is true, and I think it is important, if we have this gift, to use it for the greater good..

I would always suggest looking within before seeking external help in the form of a psychic. When giving a reading, many times I find that the information I give my clients simply validates what they already knew or where thinking. Also, we can always go straight to the source of EVERYTHING....the master psychic...our beloved Amma!


Ananthasree (Post On

Amma In Amritapuri?
topic posted Tue, April 3, 2007 - 9:20 AM

Does anyone know when our Beloved will be back in Amritapuri?

Jai Ma!!

~ananthasree (Post On Ammachi Tribe)

Re: Amma’s next visitWed, August 2, 2006 - 7:04 AM

Namah Shivayah,

How long does Amma usually stay in San Ramon in November?

Jai Kali Ma!

Ananthasree (Pots On Ammachi Tribe)

Re: Amma dream i had,..Fri, June 23, 2006 - 6:12 AM

You said it all.....that’s how she works, our Ma!

Jai Kali!

Ananthasree (Pots On Ammachi Tribe)

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Description: A spiritual diary and online devotional altar by an Ammachi devotee. Ammachi is known worldwide as “The Hugging Saint”.

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Gorgeous Visual Poem Of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, 20 August 2006
Author: ananthasree from United States

As a disciple of Ammachi, I will begin by mentioning that this film does not contain a lot of information about Amma that would be helpful to someone who had no idea who she was prior to seeing this film. It could have done with a little more information about her countless charitable works (including schools, hospitals, homes for the poor and the list goes on and on) and perhaps a bit more biographical information and mention of the countless miracles and healings that have been attributed to her. Also, a little more explanation of what "darshan" actually is would have been helpful to those for whom this movie would be their first introduction to Amma.

Aside from this, I have found that Jan Kounen did an incredible job with capturing the essence of who Amma really is. The interesting camera angles and close-ups of Amma’s facial expressions, truly captured the divine presence that one can feel while in her physical presence. I also really enjoyed that there was quite a bit of filming of Amma done in slow- motion. It was particularly incredible to witness her darshans at a slowed down speed...the nuances and intricacies of each 5 second hug, speak volumes when rendered in slow- motion.

There is quite a bit of poetic metaphor throughout the film as well, as can be seen in Kounen’s choice of contrasting images of life, death, chaos, peace, human and God. Truly, the visuals are some of the most beautiful I have seen since Baraka.

All in all this film is a heart melting work of art for devotees of Amma, and a sweeping visual portrait-poem of one of the most amazing spiritual figures on the planet at this time. I don’t think any film could truly convey who Amma is. It is something that must be experienced to be understood.

That said, stop in and get darshan for yourself the next time Amma is in your city. Then, watch the film again :) (Comment On IMDB)

The Mystery Orange

Om Namah Shivayah

At the retreat in mid-July, I purchased two oranges that were Amma’s prasad. I decided to take them home rather than eat them, and I put them on my altar. After about two weeks, one of the oranges became rotten and I had to throw it away.

Almost 4 moths later, I still have the other orange on my altar, and it is in perfect condition. It looks like it was just picked, and it still has a fresh orange smell. When it was in pristine condition after a few months, I thought it was strange....but now after looking at it again this morning, I am stumped. A friend pointed out how weird this is when he said, “Is that the same orange from July?” and looked at me in disbelief when I told him yes.

I am thinking of taking it to Michigan and having Amma bless it again.

Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

Ever Amazed,

Ananthasree (Post On

Thank you, Amma, for helping me through this. Thank you for all of the messages and insights.

Thank you for all that you do for our earth.
I am practicing what I am learning from you as much as I can.

I am in awe of your beauty and am eternally grateful.

I love you.

(From a former Live Journal account)

My dreams bear fruit that I can taste in the morning...

It happened! I am going to see my guru in New York City this weekend. Ammachi, incarnation of the goddess and living saint has left India and is doing her yearly tour throughout America and the rest of the world. I prayed for this and begged that if I was meant to recieve darshan, I would find a way to get there. The universe pulled through and I leave tomorrow night. In a little over 24 hours, I will be standing in line waiting to recieve a hug from Amma. (This is her darshan...a compassionate hug, as she is known worldwide as the "hugging saint"). The greatest blessing that one can get...and I need only travel 3 hours on a bus! Sunday morning is the time!

I have been blessed already, this I know. So much divinity has come into my life ever since I had the material world (or illusion thereof) taken away. I have had acts of synhronicity the likes of which I have never known happen on a daily basis. LITERALLY....walking through a bookstore and having the book, "Messages From Amma" fall and land at my feet. The dreams....the dreams I have at night are more solid than this illusory, ego-driven world we call "awake".

I have found love. I have had nights of such pure beauty they seem pulled from a Fellini film. All of this, after facing death...after almost dying. A few nights ago, I cried at beauty....such beauty from a fire that the tears just came bursting through in a joyous wave. The last time I cried in awe over witnessing pure beauty was years and years ago.

So I am off to see Amma tomorrow night. I am nervous, but yet my heart is bursting with joy. I wonder if she will say anything to me, although to be in her arms for a brief moment will certainly be enough.

It has been a long journey from myself and back again. I had to know true greed, selfishness and ego in order to get to this point. In this sense, I say thank you to my ex....because she has become a living archetype of everything I do not want to be. And such joy! Such joy through all of this pain!

So much has happened....all wonderful. Career and a new love too! This is what love feels like! I haven’t had time to update because I have been very busy. One day soon, I will sit down and describe all that has happened.

(From a former Live Journal account)

Dreaming of Amma
09-29-2004, 10:22 AM

Last night I had the most intense dreams of Amma. In fact, they were so real that I had to collect myself for a moment after waking up. In one dream, I was in a large darshan hall and for some reason I was taking polaroid photos of Mother hugging everyone. When each photo came out developed, she was looking directly at the camera, although while taking them she was not. I thought it was strange and when I went up for darshan, my darshan lasted for what seemed like a half hour. I am immediately woke up from this dream and fell back asleep, where I continued to have another dream.

In the second dream, I was asking Mother all sorts of questions like why has such and such happened to me? What is my purpose in life? etc. etc. She told me that I had massive amounts of karma, but that she would help me with it. Just then, she put her mouth to mine as if she were going to kiss me and just held her mouth open inhaling for what must have been 10 minutes. Never exhaling until she moved away. I woke up with a jolt from this dream and sat straight up in bed. I was stunned, because the dream seemed so real. I fell back asleep and had yet another dream...

I was back in the darshan hall and my mother called me on my cellphone (in real life, my mother passed away over a year ago). I told her to please drive down to such and such a place to recieve Mother’s darshan. She had no idea who Mother was, but came anyway because I convinced her. I stood behind my mother in the darshan line wondering if Amma would know that the next person she would hug was my mother. “There is no way she will know” I thought. When my mother reached Amma’s arms, she turned into a little girl of maybe seven years old. Amma handed her a paintbrush and some ink and told her she could write on her sari. There was my mother, as a little girl and Amma was playing and laughing and being silly with her. As I watched this, I wondered still if Amma knew that the little girl was my mother. Amma then pointed at me, laughing and said “Your daughter” “Your daughter.” to my mother. I again woke up immediately that I heard Amma’s voice in my bedroom saying “Your daughter.” when I woke up.

What could be the significance of this. Are such lucid, realistic dreams of Amma so common? It has never happened to me before.I read somewhere once that one cannot dream of Mother without her willing it. Has she ever addressed this specifically?

In Amma,

Michelle (Post On

My ceremony tomorrow

Tomorrow my partner and I will be having a committment ceremony on the beach (praying for the rain to hold off). We had Mothers blessing last year, and while she cannot be with us physically, we will consider her to be there in spirit. Because of this, we have chosen not to have anyone officiate the ceremony but the ocean. We will also be chanting the world peace mantra and hope you will send positive thoughts in our direction tomorrow at dusk.

In Amma,

Michelle (Post On

East Coast Retreat?

Has anyone managed to find out further information on if Mother will be coming to Rhode Island? Any ideas as to when the East Coast retreat specifics might be released? I’m sad to hear that the Bryant College campus is unavailable and am looking forward to putting in my time off request at work as soon as possible!

In Amma,

Michelle (Post On

Ananthasree, the maker of this video for Amma, wrote the following description:

An offering at the feet of my guru. This montage is symbolic of the intricacies of the guru-shishya relationship. It primarily represents devotion, and the desperate longing to merge with the Beloved, or God.

The song is Hallelujah, composed by Leonard Cohen and performed by Jeff Buckley. The lyrics have a depth that can be explored again and again, and deep religious and philosophical undertones, which moved me more than words can say.

This is my visual poem to my guru. I put it out into the world in the event that it is another persons poem as well. If it is, enjoy.

Hallelujah stems from the word halal, plus the particle u, meaning ‘and’ or ‘with’, and jah, which is short for Yahweh, the Name of God. Halal means ‘to shine,’ and is most often ascribed to stars.

Hallelujah means: shine with God! (dead link)
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Ananthasree said...

OMG this is so beautiful and haunting! I closed my eyes and went somewhere else...saw so many flashes of Her face.

Toward the end of the song I noticed something interesting. There is a point where you overlap "MA" on the end of the “Jai Sree Ma”. It sounds like Amma’s voice. Is it or is it your voice??? If it is yours, then that is pretty wild.

Though....really, your voice IS Amma’s voice! ;) (Comment On The Durga’s Daughter Blog)

ananthasree says:

March 24, 2007 at 3:00 am
Sending you lots of love and keeping you close in my prayers to Amma.

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. (Posted On A Tale Of Grace Blog)

Ananthasree said...

So true.

How lucky we all are to live at the same time Mother has graced this planet with a human birth! The gratitude is endless...

Happy Birthday Ma! Thank you for taking birth for the sake of your children.

~Ananthasree (Comment On Ashram Diary Blog)

Mother knows all!! Omniscience (the proof is in the putting) :)

I just had a most amazing experience.

Both I and my partner were granted names from Mother at the retreat a few weeks ago. While mine had an obvious translation, we could not figure out for the life of us what her name meant. We were told it was a star in Vedic astrology...but what star?...and what did it mean? Long Internet searches abounded and still we had no idea what the significance of the name was.

A few hours ago I got her Jyotish chart. I said to myself, “I just KNOW that when this report pops up on the screen, the name will be there.” It was. And while I had thought it prior, it nearly knocked me off my chair when it actually did.

Mother had named her after her birth star! I challenge anyone to come up with a logical reason as to how Mother knew the exact date, time and location of her birth so well as to name her after her birth star! If that does not show Mother is keenly aware of all that is happpening/happened/will happen to each one of here children, then I don’t know what is.

I never cease to be amazed each time one of these completely mind-numbing acts of synchronicity occur (and so, so many of them)...and I wonder, why are there not scientests, doctors, relgious leaders, and news stations across the globe shouting about this amazing avatar who just happens to be gracing our planet at the moment?

Again, I sit....mouth agape in wonder, trying to process yet another wonderous act of Amma in my limited third-dimensional mind.

How incredibly lucky we all are!

Jai Ma!!!!!!!!!!!

Ananthasree (Post On

Namah Shivayah,

I have Kali statues, photos and items that Amma's Kali murti in the ashram wore all throughout my Amma shrine. Amma and Kali are the same entity.

Hrim Kali Mahakali Mata Amritanandamayi

Jai Jai Kali Ma!

Ananthasree (Posted On Ammachi Yahoo Group)


I am losing myself to you slowly
As the river wears the land away,
Drawing its soil into it's eternal waters
We are like that, Amma.

Every time you breathe,
There is less of me,
And I am swept away in you
sometimes, when a storm comes
You take more of me,
But then there is more of me with you,
And we weave through the land cutting
Cavernous valleys with our Love.

This is simply what the river does.
In time, there will be only THAT
Flooding the earth with oneness.
Mother, when I cry for you
I cry into you and
Your river rises, wearing me
Away and into you.

Oh god mother, Mother God
I run my hands
Through my hair and it is yours
Once, someone took a photo
Of me and I was you.
Sometimes I feel bound to
Myself by your muscle
Sometimes I blink into my reflection
And you are looking out at me.

The night moves over me
I am trapped in the stillness
You are rising from me like steam
In tiny wisps, fast as dust
There is heat in the head
You are restless within me
I rearrange organs and veins
In search of you
You fall asleep in the belly
Of all I have ever been
And rise up when I sleep
To dance with me in dream.

Mother, there is a thundering in you
Do they know this?
You are, 100 feet tall wearing
Universes as adornments,
Creating gravity by your very being
Mother, you are as wild as ecstasy
Unleashed into the sun, spinning
And spinning with the bliss
Of your own creation.
You salivate when the drums come
And you dance wildly, crushing
Under your feet. The fleshy vessels
Of all that is not true.
You are naked and covered in stars
Beckoning Jupiter and Venus to
Join you for tea and a smile.
My Mother, you are the hips
From which all life springs from.
Amma, you cannot fool me.
Sometimes when you smile,
I know it is because you have
Just administered blessings to a dying star
Light years away from the darshan line.

~Ananthasree (Posted On Ammachi Yahoo Group)

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